Moon Fairy

Pale yellow. blooms slightly later than Snow Fairy, tend to be taller, many branches and voluminous, control stiffer flower neck by less water at final production stage.

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Technical Name
Mathiola incana
House Name
family of flowering plants comprising the mustards
Japanese Name
Country Of Origin
Mediterranean coastal places
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10㎖ / approx. 3,000 grains 10㎖ / 1 bag / 8,250 yen (9,075 yen including tax)


In its native habitat, it is a semi-cold-tolerant perennial, but because it can be easily propagated by seed, it is treated as an annual in cultivation. It has long been used as an ornamental plant and is widely grown for cut flowers and flower beds. Stock can be broadly classified into single-stalked and branched types, and there are long-trunked, short-trunked, and dwarf (potted) types of plants. The flowers have a distinctive fragrance. There are double-petaled and single-petaled flowers. Double-petaled flowers are preferred for cut flowers. Stock flower buds are differentiated when seedlings reach a specific size and are exposed to a certain low temperature. And flowering is then accelerated by warm weather and long days.

Cultivation Feature

The Fairy Series are all-double type. it is about 95% of them are exactly blooming double without inspection.

Suitable Place

Sunny and well-ventilated areas. Well-drained fields with rich in organic substance is preferable. pH should be 6 to 6.5 and EC 0.3 to 0.5 ms.


Dieback is often occurs during seedling growth. Use disinfected soil and avoid excessive humidity. In addition, sclerotium rot and gray mold should be paid attention. Also, whitefly moths from the seedling stage, aphids, cutworm and caterpillars should be careful.


In warm areas, crop type of August to September sowing, avoid high humidity, allow sunlight and ventilation, and keep the stems and leaves tight and firm. Frost season in November, maintain temperature 25°C during the day and 5 to 6°C at night. Seedlings are not susceptible to frost damage but may be damaged during the flowering period.


Use clean, well-drained soil with good water retention. Germination temperature is relatively high to 20-23°C, and it takes less 7 days. Sow one seed per plug in 288 plug trays. Cover seeds with thin layer of soil evenly. Sowing machine for pellet and seeder tape sowing are also available.

Transplant before 2 to 4 true leaves come out. Use one layer of trellis netting. We recommend planting 5 to 8 rows, 10 cm x 10 cm plants with well-developed branches and stiff stems. This has the advantage of preventing the main stem from becoming too thick while simultaneously extending the length of the plant and suppressing the development of unnecessary lower branches. Increases in the number of plants per area leads to higher yields.

*the contents above is based on general cultivation knowledge in Japan