F1 Concert Bell

Unique appearance, many flowers on single stem and blooming start from top to bottom, eye-catching variety.

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Technical Name
Helianthus annus
House Name
Japanese Name
Country Of Origin
About 160 species in North America


1,000 grains, 1 bag / 5,000 yen (5,500 yen including tax)


Sunflower ‘F1 Concert Bells’ is a dark yellow variety with a black core. The leaves are small and dark green, giving them a clean, neat appearance. Once top flower is bloomed, the lower flower come to blooming at the same time about 5 days. Sowing season for open filed (no heating necessary) is late April to late July.

Cultivation Feature

The optimum temperature for germination is 25℃. Direct sowing is the primary method. If seedling raising If raising seedling, replant them as soon as the roots starts lightly curled. Fertilizers should be applied moderately (especially nitrogen). Over fertilization tends to increase plant height and delay flowering. Conversely lack of fertilization tends to decrease the number of flowers. Planting distance is 30 to 40 cm apart. Narrow plant spacing tends to reduce the number of flowers. Having flowering on top takes about 70 days if sow in late April, 60 days if sown in late July. Early sowing tends to make the side shoot stretchy. To the full bloom takes approximately one week after first flowering.

Points to keep in mind when growing sunflower F1 Concert Bells
・Deformation may be happen to the flower on top. This tendency is especially noticeable
if having short internodes with low temperatures period.
・Flower number tends to decrease under poor sunlight.

*the contents above is based on general cultivation knowledge in Japan