Carthamus tinctorius

Carthamus tinctorius Orange Round Leaf (Fukukaen Select)

This cultivar can be grown in a wide range of area from warm to cold.

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Technical Name
Carthamus tinctorius
House Name
Japanese Name
Country Of Origin
West Asia, Mediterranean coast
Suitable Temperature
22°C (72°F)
Germination Days
6-8 days
Seeding Rate
Number Of Shares
2,500 copies
Space Between Plants
15 x 15.6
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1㎗/approx. 1,100 grains 1㎗package, 1 bag/1,200 yen (1,320 yen including tax)


It is an annual plant that can be sown in the fall or spring. The optimum germination temperature is 20-26°C, and the seed germinates on 1 or 2 days after sowing. Flower buds are formed under long-day conditions. The temperature range for growth and flowering is 10-26℃.

Cultivation Feature

It is grown in both open fields and greenhouses. Since the seeds are relatively large, trellis netting can be laid directly over the bed and sow seeds. Harvest time can be controllable by sowing in different timing utilizing greenhouses and open field.

Suitable Place

Dry, deep cultivated, well-drained, neutral to slightly alkaline and fertile soil is preferable.


The optimum temperature for growth is around 20°C, and the optimum temperature for germination is 15-20°C. In greenhouse, the temperature should be minimum of 10°C at night and a maximum of 25°C daytime. High temperature and humidity will cause a significant deterioration in quality.


Diseases include anthracnose, soft rot, gray mold. Insect pests include aphids and leafminer. Disinfect seeds for anthracnose.


Short-day blooms have low chenopods and long lateral branches. If the tops of the flowers are plucked, the side branches will bloom well together. Also, electric irradiation improves the quality of the flowers by arranging them at the apex. When grown in greenhouses, ventilation is poor as the plant grows taller. Rip off a few leaves at the ground level to improve ventilation.


Water is necessary for early growth, apply at normal rates. As they grow and leaves begin to touch each other, reduce the amount of water gradually. In the latter half of the season, give only little water considerably.


6 liters of seeds are sown per 10a. The germination temperature is 20-26℃ and it takes 1 to 5 days. Sow seeds directly in the field because Carthamus has axal root which does not like to be transplanted. Planting distance is follows: 1 m wide beds: Aisle 60 cm (15 x 10 cm). 1 to 2 seeds per spot.
1 m wide bed: Aisle 60 cm (25 x 20 cm). 3 plants per location. Dig a little hole by finger, depth of 1 cm and sow seeds. Cover with soil. Plants should be watered thoroughly after sowing.

*the contents above is based on general cultivation knowledge in Japan