Statice Hybrid

Blue Fantasia Marine

Many flowers densely blooming, synchronous flowering, very voluminous appearance, tough stems, lower branches growing longer so plants formation looks diamond shaped. Purple color remains long even after blooming, vigorous variety and less powdery mildew, so easy handling for worker.

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Technical Name
Limonium hybrida (L.latifolium × caspia)
House Name
Isofamily of pine trees
Japanese Name
Country Of Origin


Mericron seedlings in 7.5cm pots] (Delivery: September-October, April-June) 100 seedlings / 52,000 yen (57,200 yen including tax) 1,000 seedlings/470,000 yen (517,000 yen including tax)


Limonium Sinense is a cold-tolerant perennial plant. It has radical leaves growing in clusters at the ground and many flower stalks. The plant height is around 1 m, branched at the top, and many flowers are produced at branch end. The petals are yellow in each variety, and the large calyxes are pigmented and grow densely at branch end. The flowers bloom for long period. It naturally blooms in June and can be cut more than twice in high-altitude areas. In warmer climates, the second flush can be harvested after first flush harvested at early stage. The harvest at one cycle is about 15 cut.

Cultivation Feature

Conventional Sinense is not tolerated by high temperature and dies during summer season, which is required re-plant each year. Limonium Sinense Hybrid is not necessary for replant for several years. It can be grown in a wide range of areas, from warm to highland regions, and once planted, it can be used for production for several years. Cultivation is relatively easy, requiring little labor and no special techniques.

Suitable Place

Sunny, well-drained fields is preferable. Avoid sandy and clayey soils. Soil pH is best in the range of 6 to 6.5 or slightly acidic.


The most common disease include gray mold and powdery mildew. Keep the greenhouse dry with well ventilation. Be cautious of thrips, spider mites, and cutworm.


Do this sufficiently in the early stages. When the extraction stalks reach 40-50 cm in length, adjust the quality of the stalks as well.


Planting: It should be planted in greenhouse. Planting instruction is follows: bed width 1 m, aisles 60 cm. between rows 50 cm, plants 45 cm apart, 2 rows. 2,700 plants/10a. Plant shallow enough to slightly cover with soil and water well.

*the contents above is based on general cultivation knowledge in Japan